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New Tax Rules Concerning Gambling Activities

The Irs (IRS) has in the past needed that gambling winnings and gambling losses be individually taken into account. The reason behind this is due to the way in which gambling losses are deducted for tax purposes. Gambling losses are treated being an itemized deduction and reported on Plan A of the baby tax return (Form 1040). This creates an issue in the cases by which taxpayers cannot itemize (out of the box the situation whenever a standard deduction is larger) or where the taxpayer’s earnings exceeds a particular threshold (by which situation the citizen loses a part of their itemized deduction using a phaseout). In such instances the citizen doesn’t get the entire advantage of the gambling losses to offset from the gambling winnings. Exactly what the IRS is actually after may be the reporting and taxation of gross gambling winnings.

New Tax Rule:

Based on a current tax court situation (Shollengerger, TC Memo 2009-36) taxpayers are permitted to internet gambling winnings throughout a given day with gambling losses. This can be a significant setback towards the IRS. For example, imagine should you win $2,000 each morning in a casino and lose $900 later that mid-day. Before this court situation, the government will need that you simply report the $2,000 in gambling winnings after which individually itemize the $900 in gambling losses in your taxes. A legal court rather ruled the citizen within this situation was allowed to internet the gambling winnings during the day and report $1,100 as internet gambling winnings rather from the $2,000 gross amount, the government mandated. A legal court continued to condition this “netting rule” only applied every day. It mentioned that the citizen couldn’t internet gambling winnings and losses for the whole year.

Regardless of this transformation in reporting and taxation of gambling activities, there are particular accounting needs for gambling activities. The Government requires taxpayers to help keep a diary or ledger of gambling activities. This tax accounting necessitates the citizen to record the next information concerning various gambling activities:

1. Kind of gambling activity

2. Location of gambling activity

3. Amounts won and amounts lost for each activity

4. Quantity of games performed

5. Price of Bingo cards purchased

6. Winnings for every Bingo card

7. Copies of Keno tickets validated through the internet casino

8. Copies of casino credit history

9. Copies of casino check cashing records

10. Records of the amount of races bet on (horse, harness, dog)

11. Quantity of racing wagers

12. Quantity of racing winnings and losses

13. Record of slot machine game number

14. Record of slot machine game winnings by time and date per machine

15. Table number performed (blackjack, craps & roulette)

16. Table charge card data including where credit was issued

The suggestions above products could be supplemented by receipts, tickets etc.

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